As a partner in a Big-4 accounting firm, I appreciate a professional that provides great client service.

Brenda was able to re-energize our listing after languishing for months during a difficult market. (With another agent.) Her energy, attention to detail, and real estate instincts were critical in helping us find the right buyer for our property, and navigate through the selling process.

Danville Seller
Thank YOU, Brenda!

You have really done an amazing job! I will recommend you to everyone I know!

Danville Seller
We thoroughly enjoyed their professionalism, experience and knowledge.

We would recommend them to anyone!

Blackhawk Home Seller
We've been involved in over 10 real estate transactions and can easily say that Brenda and Barry Zwahlen are the exceptional in the real estate industry.

They compliment each other perfectly, and together they offer all the skills we wanted in a Realtor team: integrity, knowledge of the market from local to global, analysis of competing properties, data-backed recommendations on pricing and an eye for staging and presenting a home to sell. And most of all they are genuinely nice people who love what they do- it was a pleasure doing business with The Zwahlen Team. We would definitely work with them again and recommend them to others.

Blackhawk Seller
Brenda understood the market like no one else and was able to get the best value for our home.

She represented us faithfully and with a great deal of professionalism!

Brenda knew how to market our home and presented us with a schedule she knew would work.

In a matter of just 5 days she listed the property, organized an open house, and then sold it. Even though everything happened so fast, she continually kept in touch with us so we were constantly informed

Brenda knows what to look for to make a house more appealing.

Just a few changes here and there made our house look so much more inviting. We thought her background was interior design (no..., it's food!!!).

We all want to thank you for the amazing job you did for us as our realtor during the buying of our house in Alamo.

We are still amazed at how proficient the sale was, and how secure we felt with you on our side. Your guidance in the area, your suggestins and advice were spot on, and they were obviously made with knowledge and your desire to help us because you cared for us, not because of financial gain.

We still feel lucky to be living here, and we never could have gotten here without YOU.

We will be grateful to you for decades to come.

Your spunky and honest personality were a joy to work with.

There were no games, it was all very professional, and yet, we had a great time during the process. The only sadness I feel in having bought this house is that I no longer have an excuse to go racing around town with you!

We would, and will, heartily recommend you to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home in this area.

Have them call us. I could LITERALLY sing your praises.

Alamo Home Buyer
Brenda and Barry are the best around!

We worked with them to buy our home years ago, and would not dream of working with anyone else when we sell. They always tell it like it is- even when it is not what you want to hear. But that means you can TRUST them. They back up everything with comps and statistics. And you could not ask for two more wonderful people to work with. They are not the pushy, in your face type- just honest and smart and kind. The kind of people that you could see sitting around having a cup of coffee with!

Danville Buyer
We have had extensive experience in the commercial real estate arena but seldom move, thus have had very little in the residential sector.

After interviewing 5 other agents, we selected Brenda and Barry Zwahlen and were exceedingly pleased with their enthusiasm and professionalism, providing analytical data and supporting a realistic listing price and market conditions, as well as extensive feedback concerning their follow up with potential buyers. We would not hesitate to use them again, either to represent us as selling or buying agents.

Blackhawk sellers
Although we purchased our home through Brenda Zwahlen back in 1998, they have continued to assist us with answers about home ownership through the years, and through their network of resources.

Back then, we bought our first home from Brenda and that was a tricky time as the market prices were climbing steady from week to week. Brenda was so helpful and as we constantly readjusted what we were looking for, she responded to our needs. She helped us with our financing, too.

Since then, we have purchased an investment property through Barry and Brenda and again, the purchase went smoothly. They work really well together, complimenting each other perfectly, with details and facts from Barry and the very personal touch from Brenda. You can't go wrong with the Zwahlen team!

Do yourself a favor and make sure to choose experienced and qualified agents to represent you in your real estate transactions.

We have bought and sold many real estate properties through the years, and Brenda and Barry rank with the best.

Brenda and Barry make a good balanced team. Brenda with her instincts and energy, and Barry with the intellectual power (his college degree is from Harvard University) to navigate you through today's real estate complexities. In addition, I have extremely high standards for moral conduct, integrity and professional behavior. I can not emphasize enough how important the trust factor is, whether trying to determine the value of your home, selection and response to offers, or making an offer on a property. And finally, you need a team with excellent communication ability and experience to know how to negotiate the deal in your favor.

An outstanding experience in both buying and selling properties.

Highly recommended.

Blackhawk Seller Walnut Creek buyer
Brenda and Barry Zwahlen sold my home and they are the only real estate agents I would trust to go through the process with.

I had started with another agent and when the contract ended, started a new contract with the Zwahlens. They sold our home quickly, were extremely responsive and helpful, and were the best real estate negotiators I've met. They've lived in the area for decades and are familiar with each neighborhood's qualities and values. Thanks, Barry and Brenda!

Danville Seller
Brenda and Barry are the absolute best realtors I could have ever imagined!

I hate house-hunting, but putting my trust in the Zwahlens made it so much easier and ultimately brought me to a house and neighborhood that is just great.
They know the real estate market well. They take care of their clients! My wife and I moved to the San Ramon Valley with almost no local knowledge or experience. We were under pressure to find a house. By some miracle, we happened to connect with Brenda and Barry and the potential nightmare turned into a sweet dream!

ET, Danville Buyer

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