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Land Costs Are On The Rise

The Ever Increasing Cost Of Land In California in 2015, $15,000 is barely a down payment on a small condo. In 1975, though, $15,000 was the average value of residential land parcels in the 48 contiguous states in America! Clearly, land costs have been on the rise. Land values are determined by subtracting the structure cost from a property’s total

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New Gap Insurance May Protect Your Home’s Value

Through a new type of insurance coverage, referred to as “Underwater Mortgage Insurance”, offered by AmTrust Financial Services, home owners now can protect the value of their home from a drop in prices on the real estate market. The insurance is expected to debut on a limited scale in December 2013. However, coverage will be available nationwide by the end of 2014. While

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3 Home-Renovation Projects for Impact and Investment

If you’re like many homeowners, the start of the new year finds you ready to finally tackle those home-improvement projects that have lingered on your wish list. But where do you begin? First, prioritize those renovations that will have a maximum impact, both in terms of aesthetics and investment values. Also prioritize the projects that will enhance the livability and

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A Fresh Assessment

By Keith Loria Let’s say you just purchased a new home that has a large property tax commitment. You may be able to do something about it. In today’s housing market, having the property reassessed is very in vogue. “A tax assessment is an estimate on the value of your property solely for the purpose of determining how much you

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