Summer Ice Cream: Where Do You Buy It In Danville?

The Zwahlen Team loves ice cream. Nothing screams the arrival of summer like ice cream, right? As the temperature rises, the sweet treat not only cools us down but also brings smiles to our faces as we choose from literally hundreds of flavors and topping choices. When you decide to venture out for some ice cream this summer, here are some great places to grab a wonderful cup or cone.

  • Danville Chocolates:      Located downtown on Prospect Avenue, Danville Chocolates offers patrons a variety of sweet treats, from chocolate truffles and bark to caramel  apples and their ever-popular Double Rainbow ice cream.
  • Burger King: Proving they offer far more than just great burgers and onion rings, Burger King has announced its welcome to      summer fun by offering ice cream cones for only 50 cents until August 5, 2013.  Burger King in Danville is located at 444 Front Street.
  • Yogurtopia: Family-owned and operated, Yogurtopia  offers both soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt in a wide variety of      flavors. Located in the Tassajara Crossing Shopping Center, the shop opens each day at noon.
  • Perry’s Ice  Cream keeps introducing new flavors. In April, they unveiled sponge candy, a caramel sugar flavored ice cream  cone. Before that, they had a popcorn-flavored cone for the movies.
  • The Yogurt Shack : One of our favorite family owned businesses.  Tons of yummy and gooey toppings on  terrific yogurt

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