Home Buying Is More Feared Than A Root Canal

Today’s Buyers Are Experiencing Anxiety

What is your greatest fear? The dentist? Public speaking? An interesting insight from a recent national survey conducted by Chase Bank revealed that more buyers are anxious about the process of buying a home than they are about a root canal or public speaking. In fact, 70 percent of home buyers report experiencing anxiety about buying their house, while just 64 percent of people are anxious about getting a root canal and 62 percent are about speaking in public.

Perhaps part of the reason that the process comes with anxiety is that a third of home buying couples report that their hunt for a house has caused tension in their relationship. 49 percent of women say they are committed to staying on budget, while 39 percent of men say they are willing to go over budget in order to get the right home.

What else gives home buyers anxiety? It is certainly not a lack of confidence. In fact, 42 percent of surveyed individuals said they are not worried that their understanding of the mortgage process is insufficiently thorough. However, when asked to answer a series of questions about the home buying process, only one in four were able to give the correct answers.

Clearly, there is a lot of anxiety about the home buying process that, when paired with a false confidence, can lead to bickering among couples and long-term stress for buyers. Fortunately, expert real estate agents can help home buyers avoid issues.

A dedicated expert on your side will help ease your anxiety about the home buying process. To work with a team committed to making your process smooth and successful, contact the Zwahlen Team in Danville. We have made it our mission to serve the California home buyer and are here to walk alongside you during every step of the process.

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