Is there another color to describe “green” homes besides the color green? How about “Red”, as in “Red Hot”? Within the new construction segment of the housing market, “Green” homes made up 20% of the projects constructed last year. This percentage has been growing even during the housing slump. Some researchers predict this percentage will rise to 36% by the year 2016. It is not only small or “niche” builders who are going green, but also the large mainstream builders. While it is true that only a small percentage of newly built green homes are “net zero”, meaning that the homeowner pays zero dollars for energy bills, it is true that the green features going into these homes provide a significant savings in energy bills and provide a nice payback for the increased construction costs of the home, which run about 5%-10%. Also, the governmental tax credits provide a huge incentive to go green. Check out the Wall Street Journal article  and don’t forget to call the Zwahlen Team to buy or sell your “green” home, or a home of any color.

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