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Home Issues That Scare Away Potential Buyers

Home Issues That Scare Away Potential Buyers There are some home issues that scare away potential buyers or kill a sale. Here are some of the major issues you should know about.  When you are in the process of selling your home, your home sale to-do list is most likely filled with a variety of tasks to take care of

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Making Sure the Price is Right When Selling Your Home

If you’re selling your home, you have to make sure that the price is right–especially when it comes to the market of the early 21st century.  In today’s market, demand for houses is outpacing supply in many regions of the country. Despite the recent upward trend and strengthening of the market, we still have a few years to go (in

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How to Keep Your Dog from Ruining Your Yard

You love your dog, but sometimes the dog can do something that can drive you mad—like ruining your yard. Before your dog arrived, your yard was likely lush and lovely. Blades of grass evenly spread out throughout your yard to create a beautiful sea of green; everything was peaceful. Then came in the canine which slowly turned your luscious green

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